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Blazingly fast Trading View to Telegram Alerts for Traders

Stop wasting time finding a way to send your trading view alerts to Telegram. With TradingHook, you can focus more on your trading instead of cooking codes.

Add alerts via web hook and start receiving alerts instantly.

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Start Receiving Alerts in Telegram

Have you been looking for a way to get alerts for the latest updates about tradings to your Telegram? Follow these simple steps.


Set the alert

Create a web hook URL in our dashboard and our servers will send your alert in realtime!


Receive the alert

Start to chat with a bot to receive alerts instantly. You can share the alerts with your friends or your traders community.


Fastest and easiest way to get your Trading View alerts delivered without the hassle of switching back and forth between apps.


Have all of your Trading View alerts sent straight to your phone via Telegram with few simple steps.


TradingHook is very affordable and that makes it one of the best Trading View alert in the market right now.


How to get a lifetime membership for Free?

Drop in your email address and when we launch, Create a video content / post explaining about TradingHook in your Youtube Channel and you will receive a free membership account.

Hook Board

With our Hook Board feature, you can easily share your alerts with your family, friends, or clients.

You can select the board as a private board or a public board where for private board only users with a password can view the alerts. You will not need to refresh the browser because the alerts will appear in real time. Now, you can develop a trading system and share the results with everyone!

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